Features & Technology

ArkForecast uses weather data from multiple sources to allow clients to monitor multiple properties from a simple dashboard. Our coordinated network of data will be used to inform users on the history of a property and alert property managers when weather events are impending or occurring.

Asset protection

By monitoring your assets with pinpoint accuracy you will be able to ensure you stay informed about any weather events that could damage your property.

Detailed Information

ArkForecast uses drone technology as well as the highest resolution satellite images commercially available to collect current and historical images of any property.

Communication Network

National Weather Service Alerts are immediately distributed to the property managers you have assigned to each property, and can be programmed granularly so your team only gets the information that matters to them.

Emergency management

When an extreme weather event threatens your assets or the safety of those inside, ArkForecast can be used to alert and mobilize first responders to the scene.

  • Alert Property Managers of Impending Storms
  • Specify Who Gets What Alert
  • Access Your Dashboard Remotely from Anywhere on Any Device
  • Real-time Monitoring Currently Impacting Your Real Estate Assets
  • Deploy First Responders: Claims Managers, Roofers, Mitigation Specialist, & More

Incident management

If damage does occur, the team at ArkForecast is able to mobilize a vast network of professionals to aid in recovery efforts. ArkForecast enables our clients to comprehensively manage any loss that may occur at a property location. Below is a sampling of experts available to ArkForecast clients:

  • Remediation Services
  • Claims Management Professionals
  • Forensic Meteorologist
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Infrared Drone Technology
  • Contracting Services
  • Policyholder Legal Counseling

Asset Information & Protection

The assets you have worked hard to accumulate are always at risk unless you take the necessary steps to protect them. Using ArkForecast will help you purchase the right properties, and monitor the ones in your portfolio.

  • Property Specific Historical Weather Reports Available
  • Up to Date Property Information Available, Including Valuation
  • Historical Transaction Details Available
  • Roof Condition Imagery Available
  • Property Tax and Owner Information Available

Real Time & Historical Satellite Imagery

Access real time and historical data from satellites orbiting the globe. The images, obtained through special government clearance, are the the highest resolution commercially available so you will be able to see and prove any damages or lack thereof to insurance companies.

  • Six High Grade Satellite Images Taken Every Year
  • Access Detailed Imagery Like Never Before
  • Track the Life of Your Roof Over a Six Year Period
  • See Date Specific Water Pooling or Ice Build Up
  • Search Multiple Properties with Every Account
  • Print and Save Images for Reporting Purposes

Analytics & Reporting

Keep all of the information on each of your assets in one place with weather data analytics on each property and detailed reports containing valuation, sales, and previous damage. Historical data helps our clients make informed decisions on the condition and value of their real estate assets. Start using ArkForecast today by simply signing up using the link below.

  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Easy to Read Graphs and Charts
  • Property Specific Storm Reports at Your Fingertips
  • Load Existing and Potential Properties
  • Set Up Custom Alerts Based on Trends
  • Easy Property and User Set Up